Writers Who Lifted Me

We stand on the shoulders of giants because they lifted us up.

This has been a really testing time for everyone and recent events have certainly put me on a bit of roller coaster of emotions. As the publishing industry talks about creating more diversity (as many of you know, not for the first time), I wanted to thank the writers who have supported me on my long and rocky journey to publication. From words of praise to words of advice, these are my inspirations in the publishing industry, these are the writers who lifted me.

From my book table:

Pao – Kerry Young

Blonde Roots – Bernardine Evaristo

Lowborn – Kerry Hudson

The One Who Wrote Destiny – Nikesh Shukla

Come Let Us Sing Anyway – Leone Ross

Vixen – Rosie Garland

A Portable Shelter – Kirsty Logan

Home – Amanda Berriman

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