New Author Q&A Series

Throughout all the lockdowns we’ve had in the UK I’ve tried to keep my mind less focused on the news and more focused on the things that nourish me. One of my favourite parts of being a published writer (apart from hearing from readers, which is just the best) is supporting other writers, which was why last year I began a YouTube series of writing tips. These are free and accessible to all, covering a range of topics as you write your masterpieces.

And now, as we go through another lockdown, I’m refocusing my mind again by starting a new series answering all your author questions. Two of these are already up on my YouTube page as well as this website’s Videos Page. I really hope that some of you find these useful in your writing journeys and, if not anything else, they help you focus on the things that nourish you.

Much love, Mahsuda

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