Free Writing Course on YouTube

I don’t know if this is a crazy or brilliant idea, but I’ve decided to upload some super short YouTube writing workshops in a series I’m calling my #FreeWritingCourse. I’m hoping this will be helpful for all the people stuck at home who’d like to do a writing course and can’t get access to a real life one (though I’m looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces soon!).

I’ve started with three short workshops: 3 Ways To Know If You Should Be A Writer, 3 Tips For Finding Great Writing Ideas and 3 Tips For Plotting A Novel. If I can keep up the momentum, I’ll post two new videos every Friday morning (come on momentum, don’t let me down).

If you’d like to visit my channel, or even better, subscribe, then just click on the link below. And do let me know what other topics you’d like to have covered in the comments below.

Happy viewing.

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