3 Tips For Writing Motivation

My final YouTube #FreeWritingCourse workshop is now ready to view with 3 Tips For Writing Motivation (we all need some sometimes).

As much as I’ve loved making free content that’s accessible to everyone, I’m honestly sick of seeing my own face and listening to my own voice. Also, my background lights have broken (which I’m taking as a sign to stop). But if you’d like to catch up with all my writing tips I’ve put the whole course up on on my Videos Page as well as my YouTube channel (link below). Altogether there’s 12 mini-workshops, which you can watch individually or back to back coming in at just under an hour in total. I hope that, even though they’re short, these workshops have given you some inspiration and motivation with whatever writing project you’re grappling with, or perhaps helped you dip your world in the world of writing for the first time.

If you’ve found any of these videos useful please do let me know via Twitter or in the comments below, and perhaps consider buying me a coffee at Ko-Fi. Every coffee helps!

Happy writing. https://ko-fi.com/mahsudasnaith

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